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An Explanation of "E" - 10/29/15

Well, here we are, at the end of my explanation of L.O.V.E. and what this all stands for and how I use these concepts to improve not only those leaders around me but also myself.  While this is the end of the explanation, it’s really only the beginning of our relationships as I help those who follow this blog to become better leaders; not just at work, but life in general.

The “E” stands for Enable, Encouragement, and Empathy all in the pursuit of Excellence (notice I didn’t say in the pursuit of perfection; there is a difference).  We’ll start with Enable.  Think of Enabling as Empowering those around you.  We need to Enable and allow others to act; to make decisions AND to be ok with also making mistakes.  This is everything from delegating tasks in order for others to learn something not part of their daily routine to having them participate on a special project and allowing them to share their ideas to make the business better.  Enabling others promotes trust and inclusion; allows them to further understand the WHY in any given situation.  Remember my discussion about the “O”; allowing outside Opinions; all of this builds teamwork and community and eventually Excellence in the organization, family or person.

Encouragement and Empathy are also important in the pursuit of Excellence; and once again both also build Trust.  All of this talk of LOVE culminates with the fact that we need to care about others, lead not just with our minds but also our heart and ensure that when decisions are made, both are considered.  Encouragement at work can be as simple as a hand written note recognizing a job well done; or recognizing a group after participation in a successful project.  It also could include empathy when you know that someone that works for you is struggling with a personal issue.  This is obviously a private situation and thinking back to the “L” in our equation, Listening and knowing this person will help you to determine what type of Empathy is best for a given individual.  A great tool on both of these concepts is found in The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes & Posner.  When I worked for a company in Westerville, OH we used these concepts and it did wonders for building relationships throughout the organization at every level.

So, there you have it, my explanation of L.O.V.E. and Leadership at a 50,000 foot view.  More to come on these concepts and leadership in general.  I hope you’ll sign up and continue to follow my blog, as well as, practice L.O.V.E. in all that you do.