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Let them see you Sweat - Dec. 2015



I’m not sure quite why but a lot of my thoughts lately about leadership all center around the creation of TRUST and I believe that one of the quickest ways to do this in business is by being real; and the word I continue to use is Vulnerable.  Wasn’t it Gillette that said in their commercials “never let them see you sweat.”  Maybe if you’re competing in the World Series of Poker championship that applies but in the world of business and leadership it sure doesn’t; or shouldn’t.

In order to build this trust inside an organization, it must start at the Top.  I don’t just mean the CEO of a company but any leader inside an organization that is responsible for a team.  Yes, I know that every individual can be a leader but when you’re actually leading others you have to be real, genuine, and admit when you’re wrong.  Being Vulnerable will immediately build trust amongst your team.  I know I’m not the smartest person in the room, nor do I want to be.  My job as a leader is to inspire and provide direction but also to enable others and to help them bring out their best.  How can someone be their best if they’re too afraid to make a mistake or they feel like they can’t show their weaknesses or struggles, not only at work but life in general.

So, the next time the thought crosses your mind that you’re afraid to be wrong, afraid to let them know you’re dealing with an issue at work or even at home, I beg you to not be afraid to “let them see you sweat.”  You’ll very quickly see the trust that is built and this is what being a Leader is all about.

As always, continue to L.O.V.E.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!